Link to 3/28/20 news release concerning employee testing positive for COVID-19. Click here.

Check out the CDC’s Coronavirus Self Checker to help you make decisions and seek appropriate medical care.

  • Please read our note to medical patients. Patients who are sick please call ahead prior to going to an Eastern Shore Rural Health center. Telemedicine visits (by phone or video) are available for sick patients. Click here for more information / Información sobre Covid-19 Coronavirus / Kovid Medikal Kreyòl
  • Patients with routine MEDICAL appointments will be contacted to either schedule a telemedicine visit (by phone or video) or to reschedule an in-person appointment for a later time. Refills will be taken care of during call. Patients with refill needs who don’t have an appointment scheduled contact your center by calling or patient portal. 
  • WELL CHILD appointments can be done via a telemedicine appointment (by phone or video), with vaccinations then given during a quick visit to the center.  Parents will be contacted to arrange well child checks.  NO in-person well child appointments at this time. Newborn checks for babies are being done at the centers.
  • DENTAL services limited to EMERGENCY TREATMENT ONLY at Atlantic and Franktown centers ONLY. Dental patients with an urgent need should CALL BEFORE coming in. Click here for more information / Aviso de Servicios Dentales COVID 19 / Kovid Dante Kreyòl
  • Late hours (after 5 p.m.) suspended at all centers.
  • Get information about coronavirus (COVID-19) from trustworthy sources. Check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website at coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html or and the Virginia Department of Health’s website at


  • Patients are encouraged to come to appointments alone. Only one adult can accompany children. Non-essential visitors will not be permitted.
  • Parents, guardians, translators and other necessary support people are welcome to accompany patients to appointments but may be asked to remain in the waiting area or in their car if their presence is not required for treatment.
  • In the waiting areas practice social distancing and remain 6 feet from others.
  • Anyone entering ESRHS will be asked if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and have their temperature taken upon arrival.

Información del paciente
Información sobre Covid-19 Coronavirus /
Aviso de Servicios Dentales COVID 19

  • Se les pide a los pacientes que están enfermos que llamen antes de ir a un centro médico de Eastern Shore Rural Health. Consultas de telemedicina (por teléfono o video) están disponibles para los pacientes enfermos.
  • Pacientes con citas médicas de rutina serán contactados para programar una consulta de telemedicina (por teléfono o video) o para reprogramarla para otra fecha. Los resurtidos de medicamentos serán atendidos durante la llamada. Pacientes que necesitan un resurtido de su medicamento y no tienen una cita programada deben contactar a su centro médico por teléfono.
  • La citas de rutina para niños se pueden realizar por medio de una consulta de telemedicina (por teléfono o video). Las vacunas se administraran durante una visita rápida en el centro médico. Los padres serán contactados para programar las citas.
  • Servicios DENTALES son SOLO PARA TRAMTAMIENTO DE EMERGENCIA en los centros de Atlantic y Franktown. Pacientes de servicios dentales con una necesidad urgente deben LLAMAR ANTES de ir al centro.
  • Se les pide a los pacientes que lleguen a sus citas solos. Solo se permite un adulto que acompañe al paciente menor de edad.

Enfòmasyon enpòtan konsènan Kovid-19/Koronaviris pou pasyan Eastern Shore Rural Health System, Inc. yo  

Kovid Medikal Kreyòl / Kovid Dante Kreyòl

  • Nou mande pou pasyan ki malad yo pou yo rele anvan yo vin nan youn nan sant Eastern Shore Rural Health yo silvouplè. Pasyan ki malad yo ka pale ak doktè sou telefòn oswa pa mwayen videyo (telemedicine).
  • Nap kontakte pasyan ki gen randevou MEDIKAL woutin yo pou ranvwaye randevou sa yo pou yon lòt dat oswa pou fè yon randevou pa mwayen telefòn/videyo (telemedicine). Si ou bezwen plis medikaman nou ka tou regle sa. Pasyan ki bezwen replen medikaman yo ka rele sant yo suiv la.
  • Nou ka fè randevou TCHÈK-UP pou timoun pa mwayen telefòn/videyo (telemedicine), epi yo ka vin pran vaksen yo bezwen nan klinik lan pa mwayen yon randevou tou kout. N ap kontakte paran timoun sa yo pou fè aranjman pou tchèk-up. PAP gen okenn randevou fas a fas pou tchèk-up timoun pou kounyea.
  • Sèvis DANTAL se pou TRETMAN IJANS SÈLMAN nan Sant Atlantic ak Franktown yo SÈLMAN. Pasyan ki gen yon bezwen ki ijan sipoze RELE ANVAN yo vini.
  • Tout sant yo ap fèmen a 5 p.m.
  • Nou ankouraje pou pasyan yo vin poukont yo. Se yon sèl adilt nap kite antre ak timoun yo. Nou pap pèmèt visitè ki pa oblije la antre.

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