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Just the Facts

  • For 37 years, ESRHS has addressed the primary health care needs of our community. We've grown from one practice with one clinician to five medical sites and four dental sites with 30 medical providers, five dentists, two dental hygienists, and more than 160 support staff (as of July 1, 2013).
  • ESRHS is working toward Patient Center Medical Home certification.
  • ESRHS cares for more than 60% of the Eastern Shore of Virginia's 45,553 residents. In our last fiscal year, ESRHS centers provided 94,763 medical and 12,828 dental visits, serving a total of 28,859 patients.
  • During the last fiscal year, 21% of ESRHS was generated by grants. In the past fiscal year 33% of our patients had private insurance and chose ESRHS; 22% had Medicaid; 14% Medicare; and 31% was from self-pay and uninsured.
  • ESRHS provides physician services one local nursing home. ESRHS provides 24 hour-a-day, seven days per week on-call coverage for all of our patients. Our pediatricians provide 24-hour-a-day, seven days per week in patient, newborn and emergency room coverage.
  • ESRHS offers services such as translation, health education, outreach and transportation assistance for our patients. As an academic teaching center, ESRHS provides preceptorships to medical, dental, physician assistant, nurse practitioner and nursing students from schools in both Virginia and Maryland.
  • As a Federally Qualified Health Center non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation, we receive federal dollars to care for the uninsured. Based on family size and income, qualifying individuals can pay for services on a sliding scale with federal dollars paying for the remainder of the cost. Revenue from Rural Health business lines cover the rest of the cost. Last fiscal year we provided $4,501,441 in "slide" services to uninsured patients - this represents 137% of federal funding we received to care for the uninsured.
  • Last year ESRHS provided more than $4.4 million in pharmacy assistance services, roughly $50,000 in pediatric safety services, and distributed $47,600 worth of Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel tickets for residents with medical appointments across the Bay.
  • ESRHS partners with Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital and the Eastern Shore Health District to serve as a Neighborhood Emergency Health Care facility, as part of our Emergency Preparedness Plan, for all residents on the Eastern Shore. ESRHS serves as a mentor to other community health centers for emergency planning.
  • ESRHS provides local access to primary care and preventive health services for migrant farmworkers and their family members at each of our sites.
  • ESRHS uses an electronic health record system throughout each of our locations for medical records and electronic dental record system for our dental locations.
  • ESRHS actively maintains agreements with various businesses and organizations throughout Virginia and Maryland.
  • ESRHS Makes an Impact!: Have you heard about our economic impact? Click THIS LINK to see what ESRHS has accomplished.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ESRHS only for uninsured people?

No. While we do offer a sliding fee scale for underinsured/uninsured patients, we are a healthy choice for ALL residents of the Eastern Shore and over 60% of the Shore choose us as their primary care provider.

What types of insurance to you accept?

ESRHS accepts most major medical and dental insurances. We also accept Medicare, Medicaid and offer a sliding fee scale.

What if I don't have insurance?

We offer as sliding fee scale. If you are interested in applying for our sliding fee scale, you can download the application from the Forms section of our site. You should bring in a W2 or two pay stubs with your sliding fee scale application. If you need help with this form or have additional questions, please call one of our centers and ask for the Patient Accounts Manager.

How long will it take to get an appointment?

We offer same day service in most cases. Some appointments such as physical exams may take up to a few weeks, however.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?

You should bring your insurance card and a list of medications you are currently taking. If you are a first time patient, see the Forms section of this site to download our registration form. This will save you some time at check-in.

How long does ESRHS retain my records if I am no longer a patient?

Under Virginia law, practitioners are required to maintain patient records for a minimum of six (6) years following the last time the physician encounters the patient.  18VAC85-20-26.  There are, however, some exceptions to the six year retention requirement.  In the case of a patient who is a minor, the physician is expected to maintain records, including records regarding immunizations, until the child reaches the age of 18 or becomes emancipated, or for six (6) years from the last patient encounter, whichever is later.  18VAC85-20-26(D)(1).  Physicians do not have to retain patient records that have previously been transferred to another practitioner or healthcare provider or provided to a patient or his personal representative for six (6) years, but it is usually safest to maintain the original record even if the patient transfers to another provider.  18VAC85-20-26(D)(2).  Physicians may be required by contractual obligation or federal law to maintain records for longer than six (6) years.  18VAC85-20-26(D)(3). 





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