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We make every attempt to answer all emails within 72 hours. If you need a more immediate response, please call one of the center managers at the phone numbers listed below. For a dental or medical need that is not an emergency, but can’t wait until we are open to call, dial your center to be connected to the provider on call. For emergencies call 911 immediately!

Corporate Office
Eastern Shore Rural Health System, Inc.
20280 Market Street
Onancock, VA 23417
phone: 757-414-0400
fax: 757-414-0569

Matt Clay
Outgoing and Incoming Chief Executive Officer
Kandy Bruno
Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Tom Hollandsworth
Chief Medical Officer
Anne Crabbe
Chief Operations Officer
Dr. Sandra Hearn
Chief Nursing Officer
Jeannette Edwards
Chief Human Resources Officer
Kim Savage
Chief Compliance Officer
Jennifer Tyler
Chief Clinical Informatics Officer
Dr. Scott Wolpin
Chief Dental Officer
Mike Zodun
Chief Information Officer
Development Department
757-414-0400 ext. 1122 and leave a message or call the development assistant at 757-414-0400 x 1111.

Atlantic Community Health Center
Dental Services at this location

5219 Lankford Highway
New Church, VA 23415
phone: 757-824-5676
fax: 757-824-5872

Kathy Derrickson
Center Manager

Bayview Community Health Center

Chincoteague Island Community Health Center
4049 Main Street
Chincoteague Island, VA 23336
phone: 757-336-3682
fax: 757-336-3703

Stephanie Doan-Pierce
Center Manager

Eastville Community Health Center
Dental Services at this location

17068 Lankford Highway
Eastville, Va. 23347
phone: 757-331-1086
fax:  757-442-9505

Dixie Greer
Center Manager

Franktown Community Health Center
Dental Services ONLY at this location (medical services moved to new Eastville center) plus Corporate Support Services
9159 Main Street
P.O. Box 9
Franktown, VA 23354
phone: 757-442-4819
fax: 757-442-9505

Carrie Wilson
Center Manager

Onley Community Health Center
20306 Badger Lane
PO Box 159
Onley, VA 23418
phone: 757-787-7374
fax: 757-787-4513

Jean Snyder
Center Manager

Dental Program

Center Sites
Atlantic, Eastville and Franktown centers – address and phone number above, contact persons listed below.

School Dental Sites
Metompkin Elementary School 757-665-1159
Pungoteague Elementary School 757-789-7777

Dr. Scott Wolpin
Chief Dental Officer
Allison Little and Stacey Fitchett
Dental Operations Managers

Billing Questions
phone: 757-414-0431
fax: 757-414-0416

Brook Sexauer
Accounts Receivable Manager
Lynn Huether
Senior Billing Specialist

Patient Compliments and Concerns
If you have a patient satisfaction compliment or concern, please call the manager of the center you visited. If you choose to email your concern or compliment, please note that we attempt to respond to all emails within 72 hours.

Atlantic CHC (medical):
Kathy Derrickson (757) 824-5676 ext. 1601
Chincoteague Island CHC:
Stephanie Doan-Pierce (757) 336-3682
Eastville CHC (medical):
Dixie Greer 757-331-1086 ext. 1301
Onley CHC:
Jean Snyder (757) 787-7374 ext. 1701
 Atlantic CHC (dental)
Stacey Fitchett (757) 824-5676 ext. 1155
 Eastville CHC (dental)
Allison Little (757) 331-1086 ext. 1378
 Franktown CHC (dental)
Allison Little (757) 442-4819 ext. 1378
 Metompkin ES (dental)
Stacey Fitchett (757) 665-1159 ext. 1155
 Pungoteague ES (dental)
Stacey Fitchett (757) 789-7777 ext. 1155
 Traveling Oral Health Prevention Program (dental)
Stacey Fitchett (757) 414-0400 ext. 1155
Corporate Office:
Anne Crabbe (757) 414-0400 ext. 1110

Please note that our providers are unable to give medical or dental advice via email. If you have a medical or dental question, please call to make an appointment.