COVID-19 Vaccines 

Vacunas contra el COVID-19 / Evidencia más sólida y coherente de resultados graves Vaksen COVID-19 yo / Prèv Rezilta Grav ki pi fò ak pi konsistan

COVID-19 vaccinations are given at no out-of-pocket cost to you. Eastern Shore Rural Health continues to work to vaccinate as many people as possible as quickly as possible. We are currently vaccinating Phase 1a (click link for details) and Phase 1b (see list below). At this time, we are experiencing a shortage of vaccine. 

  • Anyone in Phase 1a and 1b can call to arrange for a vaccine. We are vaccinating Shore residents with the “first dose” as quickly as our supply of vaccine allows and “second doses” are given as close to 4 weeks after the first dose as possible. As we get more vaccine, we hope to offer more appointments including possible extended hours or additional days for vaccinations.
  • We will notify people with existing “first dose” appointments if delays occur.
  • For those who have already received the first dose, we are currently able to provide “second doses” at your scheduled appointment time. If that changes we will notify you.
  • We understand this is frustrating. Please have patience with us as we work with the Eastern Shore Health District to maintain the supply of vaccine we are getting now, and get more vaccine in the future. The health district is working hard on our behalf to get vaccine for our community.
Phase 1b includes Persons Aged 65 years and older; People Living in Correctional Facilities, Homeless Shelters and Migrant Labor Camps; People aged 16*** through 64 years with a High Risk Medical Condition or Disability that Increases Risk of Severe Illness from COVID-19 (Click here for list of conditions); and Frontline Essential Workers to include:
  • Police, Fire, and Hazmat
  • Corrections and homeless shelter workers
  • Childcare/K-12 Teachers/Staff
  • Food, Agriculture & Aquaculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Grocery store workers
  • Public transit workers
  • Mail carriers (USPS and private)
How to get vaccinated @ Eastern Shore Rural Health:
  • Shore residents in Phase 1a and 1b should call a center.  Click on center name for phone number: AtlanticChincoteagueEastvilleOnley
  • As we get more vaccine, we hope to offer more appointments including possible extended hours or additional days for vaccinations.
  • Many in Phase 1b will get their vaccine where they work or live and do not need to call to make an appointment. Phase 1b workers ask your employer for info.
  • Over the next few months, the Eastern Shore Health District will contact smaller and independent businesses to set up vaccinations for their employees. Phase 1b employers who do not have a plan in place for employees and have not heard from the Health District should call 757-787-5880.
  • ***We can currently only offer the Moderna vaccine. The Moderna vaccine is not approved for individuals under age 18. If and when other brands of vaccine are available through ESRHS, we will notify the public of availability of the vaccine for 16 and 17-year-olds.
  • FAQs – Click here we may answer your question!
Federal and state guidelines determine when you can get the COVID vaccine – this is subject to change. Supply of the vaccine received locally affects vaccine availability. The situation changes weekly.

Free Community COVID-19 Testing 

Standard Testing: Results typically come back in a few days – we will contact you confidentially with test results.  Rapid Testing:  Rapid antigen testing and PCR testing are available. If you have COVID symptoms contact your primary care provider to see which test is recommended. The rapid test is best if you’ve had symptoms for up to 5-7 days.  If you don’t have symptoms, or you are no longer in the early stage of COVID, PCR testing is generally a better option. Testing is offered at no charge to you, the fee will be billed to your health insurance with no copay. If you don’t have health insurance, there is no charge. You must call in advance to schedule an appointment for ALL testing at the Atlantic, Eastville or Onley center. 

Patient Information – You must call in advance to be seen!

  • Read about enhanced safety procedures.
  • Read about new dental safety equipment installed in October.
  • Read about what to expect when you visit.
  • Visits by phone or video are still available. Medication refills can be taken care of on the call. Patients without a routine medical appointment scheduled should contact their center by phone or patient portal for refills. Copays are now collected for these visits.
  • All DENTAL Services are available in our center offices and school-based dental units. Due to new practice changes related to COVID safety precautions visits take more time. Please see our video below to see how dental visits may have changed since your last visit. PLEASE INFORM US IF YOU CAN’T MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT. 
  • Please come to appointment alone 15 MINUTES EARLY, WITH YOUR CELL PHONE, as you may wait in your car. Please DO NOT EAT OR DRINK 15 MINUTES BEFORE ARRIVING. Necessary support people are welcome to accompany patients to appointments but may be asked to remain in the waiting area or car if their presence is not required for treatment.  Only one adult allowed with children, regardless of number of children being seen. PATIENTS ARE GIVEN A SURGICAL MASK TO WEAR WHILE IN OR NEAR OUR LOCATIONS. ARRANGEMENTS WILL BE MADE FOR CHILDREN TOO SMALL TO WEAR A MASK OR THOSE DEVELOPMENTALLY OR MEDICALLY UNABLE TO WEAR A MASK.

Información del Paciente

Pruebas Gratuitas para COVID-19

¡Puede hacerse la prueba de COVID-19 en Eastern Shore Rural Health System, Inc., incluso si no se siente enfermo! Las pruebas se ofrecen sin cargo para usted, la tarifa se facturará a su seguro médico sin copago. Si no tiene seguro médico, no hay cargos. Los resultados generalmente regresan en pocos días; nos comunicaremos con usted de manera confidencial con los resultados de las pruebas. ¡Debe llamar con anticipación para programar una cita!

Todos los pacientes y el personal serán evaluados para COVID-19. Cualquier persona enferma será aislada de inmediato. Estamos siguiendo medidas estrictas para desinfectar equipo y superficies y estamos tomando precauciones de distanciamiento físico. Durante COVID-19, estamos haciendo todo lo posible para proveer cuidado medico de manera segura  /// Esto es lo que puede esperar en su visita ESRHS  

  • DEBE LLAMAR CON ANTICIPACIÓN PARA SER ATENDIDO. Estamos limitando el número de personas en nuestros centros – ciertas condiciones tendrán prioridad para las visitas en persona.
  • Las visitas por teléfono o video todavía están disponibles. Los resurtidos de medicamentos se pueden atender durante la llamada. Pacientes sin una cita médica de rutina programada deben contactar su centro médico por teléfono o el Portal del Paciente para pedir un resurtido de medicamento.
  • Empezando el 6 de julio, resumiremos la RESTAURACIÓN DENTAL PARA ADULTOS en los centros de Atlantic, Franktown, e Eastville.  Debido a las nuevas medidas de control de infección y la acumulación de necesidades dentales, la DISPONIBILIDAD DE CITAS SON LIMITADAS. Se pueden hacer visitas por teléfono o video antes de programar una visita en persona. Limpiezas dentales para pacientes adultos estarán disponibles en agosto. TODOS LOS SERVICIOS están disponibles PARA NIÑOS de seis meses a 18 años en los sitios dentales de las escuelas primarias de Metompkin y Pungoteague. También puede comunicarse con uno de nuestros higienistas dentales si desea hablar sobre estrategias para ayudar a mantener su salud bucal que se pueden hacer en casa hasta que pueda regresar a nuestra oficina.
  • Venga a su cita solo 15 MINUTOS TEMPRANO, CON SU TELÉFONO CELULAR, ya que puede esperar en su vehículo. Personas de apoyo pueden acompañar a los pacientes a las citas, pero se les puede pedir que permanezcan en la sala de espera o en su vehículo si no se requiere su presencia para el tratamiento.  Solo un adulto puede acompañar a los niños. LE PROPORCIONAREMOS UNA MASCARILLA QUIRÚRGICA QUE TENDRÁ QUE USAR CUANDO ESTA ADENTRO O CERCA DE NUESTROS CENTROS.  SE HARÁN ARREGLOS ESPECIALES PARA NIÑOS DEMASIADOS PEQUEÑOS PARA USAR UNA MASCARILLA O PARA PERSONAS QUE NO PUEDEN USAR UNA MASCARILLA POR RAZONES MÉDICOS O DESARROLLO MENTAL.

Enfòmasyon enpòtan konsènan Kovid-19 pou pasyan Eastern Shore Rural Health System, Inc. yo  

Tès Kovid-19 Gratis

Ou ka fè tès Kovid-19 la nan Eastern Shore Rural Health, inc. mensi ou pa santi w malad! Tès la gratis, se asirans ou kap peye pou li, ou pap gen yon kopeman.  Si ou pa gen asirans, li gratis.  Rezilta yo vini nan kèk jou sèlman—nap kontakte w pou n fè w konnen rezilta yon fason konfidansyèl. Ou dwe rele anvan pou w ka fè yon randevou!

Tès depistaj Kovid-19 pou tout anplwaye ak pasyan. Nou mete tout moun ki malad nan izolasyon imedyatman. Nou suiv tout direksyon ki gen rapò ak fason pou nou dezenfekte tout ekipman ak sifas. Prekosyon sou distans fizik. Pandan Kovid-19 la, Nap pran tout prekosyon nou kapab le nap ba ou swen  /// Men Sa ou ta Dwe Atann Le ou Vizite ESRHS 

    • Ou bezwen rele anvan pou ou ka wè doktè. Nou limite kantite moun ki antre nan bilding nan – gen kèk kondisyon n ap bay priyorite pou vin wè doktè an pèsòn.
    • Vizit pa telefòn ak videyo toujou disponib. Ou ka tou mande replen medikaman w yo pandan ou nan vizit sa yo. Pasyan ki pa gen randevou medikal ka kontakte klinik lan pou yo ka replen medikaman yo.
    • Kòmanse 6 Jiyè n ap rekòmanse bay SWEN DANTAL REGILYE POU ADILT nan klinik Atlantic, Franktown and Eastville yo. Akòz nouvo direktiv pou kontrole enfeksyon e akòz gen anpil randevou nou bezwen refè , KANTITE RANDEVOU DISPONIB AP LIMITE. Nou gendwa oblije fè yon randevou pa telefòn oswa videyo anvan ou jwenn yon randevou an pèsòn. Netwayaj dantal pou adilt ap disponib an Out. TOUT SÈVIS pou TIMOUN 6 mwa jiska 18 an disponib nan Lekòl Elemantè Metompkin ak Pungoteague yo. Ou kapab pale ak youn nan ijenis dantal nou yo si ou ta renmen pale soun kèk strateji ou ka itilize lakay ou jiskaske ou ka retounen nan youn nan ofis nou yo.
    • Vin nan randevou w la poukont ou, AK TELEFÒN OU, paske ou gendwa bezwen ret tann nan machin ou. Nap byen kontan akeyi moun ki oblije vini ak yon pasyan pou sipò men yo ka mande yo pou yo rete tann nan sal datant lan oubyen machin yo si prezans yo pa nesesè pou tretman an. Yon sèl granmoun ap ka antre ak timoun yo.. Tout pasyan dwe mete mask nan figi yo ki gen pasan zorèy. Gen aranjman pou timoun ki twò piti pou mete mask oubyen moun ki gen yon rezon medikal oswa devlopmantal ki fè yo pa ka mete yon mask.
    • KLINIK ATLANTIC, EASTVILLE AK ONLEY OUVRI JISKA 8 P.M. YON FWA NAN SEMÈN NAN. Atlantic ouvri ta lè Lendi, Eastville chak Madi e ONLEY chak Jedi. KLINIK CHINCOTEAGUE LA OUVRI LENDI-VANDREDI 8 A.M. TO 6:30 P.M. Nou ranvwaye orè Samdi pou Klinik Chincoteague la pandan sezon ete a.
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