For Your Appointment

CG3_5083Spanish and Creole translation services available at Atlantic, Chincoteague Island, Eastville, Franktown and Onley centers.

Ofecemos servicios de interpretación en los centros de salud de Atlantic, Chincoteague Island, Eastville, Franktown y Onley.

Sèvis an kreyòl disponib nan sant sante: Atlantic, Chincoteague, Eastville, Franktown e Onley.

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For all appointments please remember:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early.
  • Bring all prescription and over-the-counter medications you are taking.
  • Bring your insurance card and co-payment.
  • Tell the check-in staff if you don’t have insurance or need help paying for services. You may qualify for discounted fees based on income/family size. See Forms and Policies for form or ask the staff at your center.
  • Call 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Chronic no shows (see No Show guidelines below) will be counseled on risks of interrupting their treatment and may be denied care in the future. If you receive an automated appointment reminder call, please remain on the line until the end of the message to confirm or cancel.
  • Complete a permission to treat form so authorized adults can seek care for your child in your absence. See Forms and Policies  for form or ask the staff at your center.

Gracias por escoger a Eastern Shore Rural Health System, Inc. como su doctor y dentista familiar!

  • Llegue 15 minutos antes de la hora de su cita.
  • Traiga todos los medicamentos con y sin receta que usted toma.
  • Traiga su tarjeta de seguro médico y su pago mínimo.
  • Si no tiene seguro médico, pregunte en la recepción sobre el descuento que ofrecemos basado en sus ingresos y el tamaño de la familia. Vaya a Forms and Policies para los formulários.
  • Marque 24 horas antes para cancelar o cambiar su cita . Faltas seguidas puede resultar en que le nieguen atención en el futuro.
  • Si tiene hijos, favor de llenar la hoja indicando cuales adultos pueden traer a su hijo(a) a la clínica en el caso de que usted no puede estar con ellos. Vaya a Forms and Policies para los formulários.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

No Show Guidelines (Medical Appointments)

  • Patients who repeatedly miss appointments negatively affect Eastern Shore Rural Health System, Inc. and their own health care.
  • Arrive for appointments 15 minutes early or cancel/reschedule 24 hours before your appointment time.
  • If you do not call to cancel or reschedule an appointment, or arrive more than 15 minutes late, a “No Show” will be documented. You may still be seen that day as a “walk in” as time allows or your visit may be rescheduled for later that day or a future date.
  • There are no penalties for No Shows until you have three in a calendar year.
  • After three No Shows in a calendar year, you must attend a counseling appointment. You can not schedule routine appointments until this meeting is held. Medications may be prescribed only to cover the time between when you call to schedule this appointment and when the appointment takes place.
  • After your No Show counseling is held you can make appointments and have medications prescribed again.
  • If you No Show after counseling you can no longer be seen by Rural Health unless a successful appeal is made. You can request to come back to Rural Health in one year.

 No Show Guidelines (Dental Appointments)

  • You will be called at the phone number(s) you have provided at least two days before your scheduled appointment to confirm that you still plan to keep the appointment. If we are not able to reach you because none of the telephone numbers you gave us are currently working, we will remove your appointment from the schedule since we were not able to confirm the appointment. If we reach your voice mail, we will leave a message requiring you to call us back no later than noon of the following day to confirm your intention to keep the appointment. If you fail to call us back, we will assume you are not keeping the appointment and will remove it from the schedule. This will be counted as a no show.
  • If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, you must call us at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to provide at least 24 hours’ notice counts as a missed appointment. This will be counted as a no show.
  • If you show up more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled appointment, we will remove your appointment from the schedule and this will be counted as a missed appointment. This will be counted as no show.
  • If you miss one appointment, you will be documented as having missed an appointment. If you miss a second appointment without proper notice within the same calendar year, you will be placed on “no-show status.” If you wish to receive further dental care, you will be required to call us the day you wish to receive care, and if we have any open appointments, we will try to place you in the schedule. If there are no openings that day, you will be advised to call the next day, and so on. Alternatively, we can place you on our “Quick Call” list, and we will call you when we have an unanticipated opening in the schedule. Please understand that if we make a same-day appointment for you and you fail to keep that appointment, you will be discharged from the practice.

Children under the age of 18 are exempt from the No Show Policy.